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Chair of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature

Welcome to the website of the chair of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature.

Yiddish Studies at the Heinrich Heine University is a subject within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The minor in the BA program can be combined with any major of choice.
The course offerings include language courses in modern Yiddish as well as courses on Yiddish literature of all epochs, linguistics and cultural history. In the BA program the accent is on developments in the modern era. Students in the MA program have opportunities to focus on topics of their choice. The program offers the possibility of obtaining a doctorate.
Brief information on the courses of study can be found undefinedhere. We are happy to provide more information.
The chairs of Yiddish Studies at the universities of Düsseldorf and Trier organize an annual forum, the Symposium for Yiddish Studies in Germany. It is a platform for the exchange on new research. undefinedSymposium für Jiddische Studien in Deutschland.

Chair of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marion Aptroot

Universitätsstr. 1
Building: 24.54
Floor/Room: 01.84
40225 Düsseldorf
Phone +49 211 81-13228


Sigrid Lethen

Universitätsstr. 1
Building: 24.54
Floor/Room: 01.82
40225 Düsseldorf
Phone +49 211 81-14292

Office Hours

Öffnungszeiten: Mo–Fr 10–12
Das Sekretariat ist vom 26. bis 29. März 2018 geschlossen.
Sie können uns jederzeit unter jiddisch@hhu.de erreichen.

Am 15. und 17. Mai 2018 ist das Sekretariat geschlossen.

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